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G1W Dash Cam Review– Is it as good as advertised?

If you’ve been pouring over the countless car dash cam reviews around the internet, looking for the absolute best dash cam for the money, you’ve no doubt stumbled upon the G1W Dash Cam.

In what appears to be like searching for a unicorn, prospective dash cam owners seek a high-quality dash cam for an extremely affordable sticker price.

While most of the better quality dash cams will run a consumer over $100, the G1W Dash Cam does not. In fact, with a list price of $59.99, the G1W Dash Cam may just be the unicorn of dash cams, but real.

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The first thing prospective owners should be aware of when it comes to the G1W Dash Cam is that it’s a white box product.

What does that mean? It means there are several “brands” that claim to sell the G1W model dash cam. Many of them are essentially the same product with a different brand name on it, ut there have been reports of fakes.

Identifying fakes will be covered later on in this post. For the purposes of consistency and to help weed out the fakes for you.

I will be referring to the G1W dash cam listed on Amazon by brand, “Black Box.” Not the Black Box brand famous for networking equipment, however.

It’s confusing, but can be part of the landscape when seeking deals on technology. Regardless, the Black Box model is the original, with all the correct specifications.

The biggest feature for this dash cam is its incredible detail. Built upon the popular Novatek NT96650 processor combined with the Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor.this little unit captures video in great detail.

It is capable of accepting an external SD card for recording, but beware, not all SD and microSD cards will work with this dash cam.

All of the standard “must-have” features are included with this dash cam, like a g-sensor, auto display shutdown, manual recording, still photos, and more.

This dash cam is mounted via a suction cup to your windshield, but be careful when adjusting as the mount does feel somewhat flimsy. Replacement mounts are not easy to come by, either.


High Quality Video

G1W Dash Cam At Daytime

You don’t buy a dash cam for the screen or suction cup mount, right? It’s the quality of video that determines how good a unit really is.

The G1W, with the Novatek processor and Aptina CMOS sensor are a winning combination. Beautifully detailed at 1080p resolution, this dash cam also records at smaller resolutions fit more appropriately for computers.

It does record 720p at 60 frames per second, but reports have indicated frames do get dropped so stick with the 30fps resolutions.

G1W Dash Cam at Night


Like most better quality dash cams, the G1W dash cam includes a G-Sensor.

The G-Sensor detects collisions and other movements to allow the dash cam to automatically record and save video from an incident.

This sensor provides a user peace of mind knowing the dash cam will record any incidents while driving.

Small for Still Images

The G1W dash cam is small enough to remove from the suction cup mount and take still photos.

Still photo options are important in case your cell phone is broken, lost, or unavailable.

Just grab the dash cam and snap a few detailed shots of the wreckage with the 5.0 megapixel still cameras that default to jpeg output for easy sharing.


The G1W dash cam is perfect for budget drivers looking for something to record their travels. It’s affordable, compact, and really records a great picture for the price.

Is it the best model dash cam? No. But pound for pound, I’d give this dash cam a shot over some of its much higher priced competitors.

For most, a $60 list price is a much easier investment to make than $250.00 like some other models. The addage of “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true, and this dash cam is no exception in some respects.

Its cheaply made plastic case can and likely will wear 

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